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End of Season Patrol April 2005, the Ocean Beach team with their new Argo Avenger  8x8 wheeler. End of Season Patrol April 2005. Ocean Beach team photo and their ARGO's

Whangarei Heads Surf Patrol likes its ARGO's so much, it brought another! New to Ocean Beach is our 8x8 Avenger.
For overall reliability, longevity in a marine environment, soft sand pulling power, boat launching ability, on board storage. and general Beach Patrolling ability, the team at Ocean Beach stand (and sit) behind their ARGO's.

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Argo Avenger at Ocean Beach

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ARGO, is it our Rescue Vehicle? is it our boat tractor? is it our mobile observation tower? it is in fact all of them plus lots more. Versatility is a long word but a simple four letter name covers it, ARGO!

When we were looking at replacing our quad bike we needed a vehicle that met specific criteria.

1. It had to survive continual exposure in a salty environment.
2. There was a need to travel over soft sand whilst towing a boat.
3. We needed to move a large volume of equipment onto the beach.
4. As we didn't have a tower, a stable base to stand on would be good.

Argo Vanguard 6x6 wheeler in Patrol mode at Ocean Beach.Our Original Argo Vanguard 6x6 has over the 5 years at Ocean Beach, been slightly modified as we learnt what needed improving for our specific operation. We put tracks on it which gave us better performance on the soft sand at the entrance to the beach. We have had the chassis totally galvanised along with the wheel rims and other exposed metal. The key start has been changed to a simple sealed push button to stop the ingress of sand and finally but not least, we cut bigger drainage holes in the bottom. This wasn't just to let out the water after the wash down; vibration whilst driving moved loose sand to the rear of the hull and out of the larger holes creating less wear on the chain drive.

There was one other bonus that came with the Argo, we won the support of the Ocean Beach local residents. Ocean Beach is a conservation sensitive area and anyone can see that with the low ground pressure, minimal impact on the environment occurs. The tracks made a huge difference in its towing capacity and with the Argos increased carrying ability over the quad, less trips to the beach also saves petrol.

To the descriptive word versatility we must also add functionality, it is when the Argo is missing that we realise how important it is to our role of saving lives, it makes our job that little bit easier.

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