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Club Captains Report
Whangarei Heads Club Champs 2008-2009 - Friday 2nd January 2009
It started off as a beautiful sunny Ocean Beach patrol day, with small rolling surf, clear skies, and plenty of people enjoying themselves on the beach.  Those peoples quiet enjoyment of the beach was short lived however, as a horde of keen Whangarei Heads lifeguards clad in their best speedos and togs, descended onto the beach to battle it out for the prestigious title of Club Champ.
This season saw another increase in competitors from last year, with a good spread of abilities.  The senior men title in particular is becoming more and more challenging, with a number of members turning 18 and now ranking among the rest of the seniors. 
The results for the day were:-
Event Senior Men Senior Women Junior Men Junior Women
Beach Sprints Lindsay Alicia Tayga Natalie
Beach Flags Lindsay Alicia Tayga Natalie
Run/Swim/Run Lindsay Nicky Aiden Eden
Board Race Lindsay Nicky Tayga Eden
Overall Winner Lindsay Nicky Tayga Natalie & Eden

For a full list of the days placings, click here:-
Club champs results 2008-09
Again thanks need to go out to Donna Palmer, Sue Bidois and Jim Bidois, whose tireless efforts ensured the event was run as smoothly as ever.

Who will be next seasons Club Champ??

Club PrizeGiving/Start of Patrols BBQ
 Hi everyone,
With the start of the patrolling season fast approaching, it has been identified that we haven't yet had our club prize giving. 
So, to remedy this situation, we have scheduled our annual prizegiving for the same day as the first day of patrol, meaning we can now celebrate the achievement of our club members from last season, and have a social get together of all members for the start of the new season.  Details as follows:-
Date - Saturday 25th October 2008
Time - 6pm (approximately)
Venue - Whangarei Heads VSLSP
Food - BBQ dinner provided
Drinks - BYO only
Who's Invited - All current club members and their families, and all junior surf members and their families + club sponsors and supporters.
RSVP - To Lindsay no later than Friday 17th October (for catering purposes)
In addition to the presentation of the awards to club members, attendees to the prizegiving can expect to be entertained with a presentation by Hayden & Ellie on their experience at the Junior Leadership Development Camp, plus a brief rundown by Lindsay (and potential photo show) of his experience in California.  We will hopefully have on site a representative from Fonterra to present some awards, plus members of the local community so it'll be a great opportunity for club members to rub shoulders with those who support us in our operations.
What's needed now - We need to know who's going to be coming ASAP so that we can cater appropriately.  Email or text Lindsay to confirm numbers from your family that will be attending.  Lindsay is also looking for volunteers to help with the organisation, e.g. purchasing BBQ food, making salads etc, running the BBQ.  Any help greatly appreciated.
With luck it will be a nice warm early summer evening, but if the weather doesn't come to the party, we'll make some room in the gear shed so we can get the formalities out of the way where everyone can stay dry.
The prizegiving will be preceeded by a club committee meeting, so if anyone wants to get along and find out some of the work your committee goes through to keep the club running, then you are all welcome to attend.
If anyone has any questions, or more importantly if anyone wants to volunteer, please get in touch.


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