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Junior Leadership Development Camp - Motutapu Island - 2007

The Junior Leadership Development Camp is a SLSNR run camp designed for the organisations up and coming leaders as an opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills, and network with other like minded lifeguards of similar ages from other clubs.  It was run over a 4 day period, and incorporates a number of activites, from team building, to leadership, to general personal development encouraging all participants to get fully involved and use their existing skills to make the camp a truly beneficial experience. 
This camp is always a highlight on the lifesaving calendar, and all past participants have always had a fantastic time, and the two participants this year were no different.  Joel Morgan and Rebecca Slade were the lucky two selected to attend last season, and Rebecca has kindly written up a detailed account of her experiences over the weekend.  If you are going to be aged 14-18 towards the end of the coming season, then I recommend that you touch base with Rebecca or Joel and discuss with them how you can ensure that you get selected for the next camp, because it is an experience not to be missed.

The 2007 Youth Development Camp started at the M.R.C (Marine Rescue Centre) in Auckland, where we were put into our groups which were named ‘ The Black Jack rrs’ (My team), Blue Venom Milk, Bee fat Sam and Jacobs Jewels. Our luggage and Food was put onto the coast guard boat and we headed to Motutapu Island, name games and team building activities on the way.  From Islington Bay (the arrival point at Motutapu) we had a 1 and a half hour walk because we took the long way! After arriving at camp we choose our bunkrooms and introduced ourselves to our roommates for the next few days.


After lunch we headed over to the Low ropes where each team had to complete the course in a certain amount of time, after completing that we went onto the Survival challenge.  From there 4 teams became 2. This was a race between the 2 teams sort of like capture the flag with Challenges on the way! That night we did the Burma trail we were covered in that night’s dinner (instructors meaning the pig food) and flour followed by a dip in the swamp.


The next day we were woken up at 6am for a run followed by a swim. We had Rock wall climbing that day, there we had 4 different walls for each of us to tackle and the abseiling wall which was very fun!  Both of the activities challenged most of us with a fear of heights.  That afternoon we put our raft building skills to work that didn’t quite work for the “Black Jack rrs” as our raft fell to bits on the water this meant our life saving skills came to good work, we had to rescue all the equipment that didn’t stay with us. Unfortunately we lost that challenge but had a blast un-tying everyone’s ropes on the fun lap


Thursday night, were do I start.  This is what the instructors like to call “Solo Experience” but what they really mean is ‘Scare the shit out of you experience’! Everone was left by themselves in a confined space for 4-5 hrs.  A time for everyone to reflect on their life and the goals you want to achieve in the future the only thing I was thinking about was the rats and other creatures that were around me as I was but in a BIG pail of grass with cabbage trees and flax bushes that surrounded me!  I ended counting 2754 stars (I must have counted some stars twice) and I got to 55 bottles of beer on the wall. Finally they came to get us and waiting back at camp was a nice hot Milo and a warm bed.


The Next morning we visited all the places were our fellow campers were put it was very funny listening to some of the stories of what they got up to!!  One girl from Bethells Beach took a Twister mat (the game twister) as her plastic sheet and you can just imagine what she could have got up to.  Some were put in the old war bunkers others were put in the bush.  No one cried and that was a first for the past camps.


That day we were able to do the high rope course that was very fun!  Apart from the weather where it was raining, sunny and then the wind would pick up just as you are about to climb on to the walking beam and you have nothing to hold on to.

That afternoon the RWC which means (Rescue Water Craft (the Jet Ski)) came and we were taken on a ride everone was flipped off apart from Brady the tough guy!!  It was loads of fun!  But No Muppets! This means no smiling while you are on it which was very hard for most of us. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter came and we were introduced to Ernie, the crewman he’s our idol now, the funniest guy ever but is very serious about his job. We were then able to take a look inside the Helicopter and ask questions the funniest one was “do you pull into a Bp and fill it up!!” you can just imagine the response.


Friday night was a nice and relaxed one were we all did a presentation about our club and was great to hear about different clubs and how they work and come up with issues within our clubs we had a early night and most of us were wondering what the instructors were going to do to us that night.


Saturday Morning 3.30 am it was boot camp from there onwards we had 2mins to get into our wetsuit meaning leaving the pj.s on. Outside all the instructors had very serious faces on and if you talked everone was punished it was push up, sit up, shuttles or anything they could think of, from there we had to go through different actitives and if we did it wrong we had to do 10 push ups in the water and we did loads of them .We had to climb under a canoe put a puzzle together without moving our feet carry a log to the other side of the camp! Fill up 3 buckets with ice-cream containers that had holes in it, and then make our way through a Swamp that was loads of fun!  Even though again our team lost we were covered head to toe with mud and I mean very smelly mud and it may sound that it was easy but it was extremely challenging and hard!!!


After cleaning up and getting rid of the smell of Mud we packed up and we were on the   truck and headed back to Islington Bay we then loaded up the coastguard boat and we made it back to the M.R.C we were able to have a drive of the coastguard boat, very different to a i.r.b we then said our good byes and had our last group hug


 I really enjoyed Youth development Camp is a great opportunity for me to meet new people in Surf Life Saving Northern Region also to push my boundaries that I have never   even tried before.  Camp was also a time to learn about what the great things that Northern Region gives to our club for example Surfcom we take that for granted we are the only region with Surfcom available and we are also the only region that gives us the opportunity to go on a camp like this. >From camp I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and hopefully able to take some of my experiences from the camp and help to make our club a little bit better for our future clubbies and the ones that wish to go on a camp like this!  I will give the future campers some advice Do heaps of push-ups etc and do a lot of running before you go!  And prepare yourself for a great time.  Don’t let your fears get in the way because you will find a lot more people with the same fears so if you ever get the chance to go… don’t think about it for a second SAY YES!!  If you have any questions or would like to hear some of the Funny things that we got up to on camp ask cause I would love to tell you again.



Experience it… and Go the “Black Jack rrs”…


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