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I walked down the steaming hot sand path that threaded its way through the cluster of sand dunes.

I looked around.

On top of each dune was a sprinkling of native grasses that were swaying in the warm afternoon breeze. The cicadas buzzed loudly and the cries of seagulls circling overhead could be heard. My struggle through the soft sand was tiring, as the piles of hot sand grains would shift underfoot causing me to sink.

I looked up to see the path merge into a medium sized beach outlined with softly rolling sand dunes. To either side were ragged rocks being sprayed by the sparkling sea foam as each wave rode in. To the right was a big hill that slowly morphed into black rocks laced with small pools, and to the left was a huge sand hill that stood watching over the whole beach. What caught my eye were the big cobalt blue waves that rolled majestically into the shore, each one at least two meters high.

The suns rays bounced off the surface of the water encrusting it with diamonds of light. The fluffy foam cascaded down, consuming the waves as they crashed to shore, writhing like fish on land. To my astonishment I noticed a few times, as the waves that had already crashed went back out they sometimes crashed together, and the shock would travel like fire on oil right to the middle where, upon meeting the other one from the other side, both would clash together, intertwining, and then sink back into the cool blue water.

I loved the sight of the mighty waves on the first day I went to Ocean Beach.

Abby (11)